Certain routine website maintenance tasks can help maintain a website's SEO performamce: For example the frequency of uploading files tells the web crawlers that attention has been given ... as in here is something new (even if nothing new has been added).

Per website tracking "How do you know you are #1 if you don't check". For myself this is so vital to see and VERIFY this information: I choose not to rely on computerized programs to report the search results for the desired search terms. When personally searching for page rank performances one also gets creative SEO ideas surfing e.g. the competitor websites

Throughout the website maintenance process the goal is to mine for, uncover /  think of any tactics that can help in formulating web strategy This can be achieved by studying the web pages fron a S.W.OT. Analysis perspective (SWOT + Stengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).

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