Ideally we would build a website together yet in the spirit of what a Purchasing Manager at a Honda manufacturing plant once told me: Don't ever tell me no, tell me how much it will cost, I will also build a website, turn-key fashion, for you too. BIG QUESTION is what is the budget.

Once the website has been built and published website maintenance tactics should be planned. As well it is also a good idea to  be continually growing the website and web presence to stay ahead of the competition.

Building a website can be considered rudimentary: One can follow the steps outlined  in the Web Consultant section. One key to building a good website, in terms of competing well for desired search terms, will be the one that excels at being organised / organized and offers RELEVANCY. The $64000 question is best one that yoiu, being close with the Customer, can answer since you deal with the Customer and as such you would best know what the Customer will type in to find you.

As a wordsmith I strive to write for Internet Success; Marketing Education, Business Sales experiences plus SEO prowess and Web Development technique are all helpful when crafting a website or series of website to best serve the need / needs.

The planning and laying of a website's or websites' foundation / foundatiions is one website building skill I excell in. As a talented web strategist, always striving to push the SEO envelope, passion is strong to devise SEO tactics to accelerate one ahead of the competition..

Hosting Websites

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I can network you to a website professional that builds amazing more costly websites.

There are a few SEO tactics that we don't mention on this website that are taught during the SEO Seminars, SEO Workshops and during private SEO lessons. When commissioned to build a website or build a series of websites, and or coach to build the site, more SEO tactics  c/w the logic that justifies the investment will be presented.

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My major skill set when it comes to website marketing is SEO in particular Meta tags, Image tags. For start-up small businesses one can develop a decent web presence such as the following websites I have built or coached to help build.

Connect with me to build a website or a series of websites and or to request more information and or a estimate /  quotation.