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As one of the main thoroughfares in central downtown Toronto the roadway runs from Lake Ontario (Queens Quay) in the south to Davenport Ave. in the north. From south to north Bay Street passes through the following downtown neighbourhoods: Harbourfront, The Financial District, past the City Hall and the east side of Chinatown, College Park to finish at the north end of the Bloor - Yorkville area.
Map of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
As depicted in the map of the city above, Bay Street is centrally located and is the first major street west of Yonge Street which is the east west defining road. As mentioned it is home to one of the major financial districts of Canada.  Having a Bay Street address for business or as a home is considered prestigious and in terms of Residential Real Estate is mostly renown for the many upscale condominiums. Having a Bay Street home means that you are in very close (if not immediate) proximity to downtown shops, entertainment districts.  This area is a much sought after location with prices for Real Estate Listings often exceeding a million dollars..
Bay Street is rich in Real Estate History as it is and has been one of the major streets (first main street west of Yonge Street) since the founding of the Town of York - which has become the City of Toronto. As the town and city expanded so too did Bay Street. Below Queen Street W. and Queens Quay W. (Lake Ontario).  This area is today primarily home to Toronto's Financial District and numerous office towers.  The First Canadian Place is the tallest office building in Canada which has many miles of white marble as its exterior surface.  Across the street on Bay Street is the new Trump Luxury Hotel.
As Toronto grew the areas north of Queen developed and prospered so that having a Bay St., Toronto, Canada address is chic and prestigious. On the North corners of Queen Street at Bay St are the Toronto City Hall and the Old City Hall (west and east sides respectively). Traveling north past the Marriott Hotel and the Atrium on Bay on the east side corners of Bay St and Dundas St. W. (and the start of Chinatown to the west) one passes through the College Park which has numerous downtown condos, business offices and shops.  The Delta Chelsea Hotel is located at Gerrard St. W.  The areas on the west side of Bay Street in this section to just north of College Street lead into the Hospital Sector.  Toronto has more than five world renown Hospitals in the downtown city core including The Hospital For Sick Children: steps from Bay St..
When we look back at the history of Toronto during the latter half of the 1800`s and early 1900`s many established Families owned large tracts of Forest Hill Land.  As Toronto grew these large tracts were parceled off and in 1923 the area evolved into the community becoming the Village of Forest Hill.  To beautify the development of the area.  Homeowners were obligated to plant at least one tree in the front garden of their quality-built luxurious homes. As was the upscale trend at the time the goal was to build a Village which would rival the best in the vicinity of downtown Toronto.  An oversized property is the norm for a Forest Hill Mansion located in this premium residential neighbourhood south of Eglinton Avenue. Forest Hill Mansions in this area have price tags that exceed several million dollars.  Prestige is indeed a descriptive adjective for Forest Hill Living in Toronto.
The Village of Forest Hill kept it’s independence from the City of Toronto while neighbourhoods of the city surrounded it.  It was only in 1967 that the village was annexed to became amalgamated with the City of Toronto.
Land is at a premium and most all pieces of Bay Street property have been developed or are being developed mostly in the form of condominium towers. Toronto has been experiencinge a condominium building boom since 2012. While there are a few Bay St. houses that exist in the Yorkville neighbourhood the residential areas of Bay St. are most renowned for the luxury condos.
Bay St. buildings offers a gamut of designs, styles and periods. In the south part (the old Bay Street) Heritage Buildings have been incorporated into skyscraper designs. The Old City Hall and the Old Simpsons Tower (now The Bay) provide excellent examples of early 1900's architecture. The New City Hall is a modern expression while the existing and new and existing condo developments and office towers to the north present their time period expressions of architecture excellence. Modernism often reflects the architecture of the new condominium developments. To attract the upscale clientele large lobbies promoting elegance for sale are most often the norm..
CONDO LIVING stretches up to the north end of Bay St. into the Yorkville neighbourhood / Yorkville neighborhood. This area is one of the most expensive and prized in Toronto. Wikipedia reports that Yorkville commands rents of $300 per square foot, making it the 3rd most expensive retail space in North America. The area of which Bay St and Bloor St. W. are a cornerstone of was recently named the 7th most expensive shopping street in the world by Fortune Magazine, claiming tenants can pull in $1,500 to $4,500 per square foot in sales. Real Estate here will often sell for a million dollars and more while one bedroom condos start at around $350,000 - $400,000. The new upscale Four Seasons Condominiums and Hotel has just been completed at Bay and Yorkville Ave.


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