I first met Pat when she called looking to buy a non toxic sealer. In building my friendlyville vision once I would make a drop-shipment sale I asked what industry they worked in and when she told me she handmade soap I asked if I could be helpful re. SEO. In her chagrin she explained how her web developer had registered the domain name in their name and that after a year of building the brand they wanted to charge her a very rude renewal rate to which she did not participate and given up on having a web presence. Long story short through some nifty tactics we got her the domain name back at the 10 USD / year registration renewal rate.

I remember when I first started having the thirst to be #1 with domain names / one-page websites and how noone would help with UNDERSTANDING HOW SEO WORKS without me paying a huge amount of money. Of all the people I have shared SEO knowledge with Pat has been incredibly savvy in applying the skills to her web presence:

The greatest thing about Pat, from a shopping perspective, is that she provides great products to buy online along with exceptional service delivery.


Made using quality ingredients these soaps are also great to use as air freshners / solid scents. Here's  cute story about just how geat Sandy Hook Soap Factory soaps are:

Several years ago I was an exhibitor at a public green living exposition. My booth was friendlyville wherein I showcased these wonderful soaps and personal care products: I had two tables piled high with her soap offerings (an eight foot table and a four foot table). I even had her excellent dog shampoo bars for sale. As I greeted one couple to the booth they regaled me with their adventure of how happy they were to be here ... as in ... as they started out the trek down the aisle from the far end of the exposition hall: they told me they smelt the fabulous fragrances of the essential oils used in Pat's products. They were happy to see a soap seller and thought they had found the source of the smells yet soon realised these were not the soaps. Thus when they arrived at my booth they knew that this was the source of the desired fragrances. I did make the sale.

Pat is an amazing person, an amazing Canadian. We share a special comaraderie. One favourite story is when an American University contacted me asking if I knew anything about a newly touted non toxic product. Pat is very smart when it comes to non toxic products as she is up on her chemistry. I emailed Pat asking her if she knew anything about the product: she emailed back not only with the reply that it was toxic but also with the supporting link to the proof: so very cool that I was able to reply to the University with this information - replied in under half an hour ... and no monetary transaction occured. Yes we are part of the NON TOXIC REVOLUTION!

A 2010 selfie with Winter and Summer Olympian: Clara Hughes. Such a great promoter I am: I got to hold her medals and share a smile and got this promo shot with me gifting her Sandy Hook Soap Factory Soap.


One of Pat's passions is raising money for Plan Canada. The Shine Love factor (my terminology) in my opinion definitely adds an extra special ingredient. Not only do the soaps feel great on the skin, they also last + of course you know you can feel great knowing that a portion of the sale goes to those who need help (eg. clean water).

We are pleased to recommend these amazing businesses
Oh yes, Pat The Soap Lady encourages us to support Plan Canada.
As a gift she once bought for me a well in a less priviledged country. Nice to think that because of me (and Pat's gift) a Community is drinking fresh water.