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* Is it a dot COM Domain Name? Dot COM rules and yet country codes such as dot CA and dot US can also be effective when targeting respective populations.

* Is it a Memorable Domain Name? Yes very memorable

* Is it a GENERIC Domain Name? It is very important that the domain name be generic as one would not build the brand and then have a legality take it all away.

* Is it a one-word, two-word or three word domain name? The shorter # of characters the better: Often times it takes two words or three words to accurately describe the search term.

* Do the words of the domain name sound good together? Is the phraseology correct for the target market?

* Is it a unique Domain Name relative to other matching TDLs? What is the availability of other domain names in the same search term?

* Does the domain name have a GLOBAL APPEAL? Is Public demand to grow worldwide and thus can be considered as universal?

* Domain name MARKETABILITY potential? We believe this is a matter of Buyer perception. For example Cannabis Sales In Canada is a brand new market therefore logic would confirm that an website with the dot INFO tdl with the search term Cannabis Sales would be perfect since the dot COM is taken.

* Domain name History? Original ownership means that the domain name history of the url is known which this is.

Domain Name Valuation Information

Here are some factors that influence domain name valuation and how it relates to this premium domain name for sale. We will use this when presenting the domain nmaes whose rights are for sale.

Great to show RELEVANCE

Thus help to pursue top page rank

url aka domain name = path & search term

There are other factors that influence a domain name's valuation. Should you have any questions and or want to initiate this purchase please contact me:

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