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Welcome to the Visitor Information page of friendlyville dot com where the info is on ways to navigate the friendlyville section of this website.

We will be sharing with you information as how to participate as well as more about our vision, mission, etc. Please check back soon.

Everyone needs a prayer to let the world shine within them,
Take the world into your heart and share a prayer for the new day, 
Let Goodness reign supreme in you, let GOoDness reign supreme in you!
We will be sharing with you information as how to participate as well as more about our vision, mission, etc. Please check back soon.
Truly the concept of friendlyville was started before Mark Mueller secured the rights to the dot com domain name and yet if the BBC came to me and expressed they were the true brand marketers of this with Finley the fire engine (whom I grew up with - such joy) I sense that they would have a valid point. Though I would relinguish this to them in a heartheart - for if they wanted they could do so much more greatness with it than I. I do believe they have been clued in on the vision of frioendlyville I have been building and trust in me as the current curator of the dot com. I sense that friendlyville is a generic term and should be encouraged as such. Friendlyville could become a term like coffee, milk,, fun love, caring etc.
I recently fielded a phone call of someone in California wanting to buy the rights to the domain name. The offer was well below the price and yet oh so how I were a rich man that I could have given such a dream. Perhaps I can share in this dream as friendlyville dot com was meant to be. 
So neat too that the other day my most prized Client who became among my dearest Friend advised me as how friendlyville is my brand (so sweet to reflect our first contact was that she contacted me for my non toxic building presence all the way from the UK and my expansive web presence of over 400 one-page websites with the all roads lead to friendlyville dot com mantra at the time gave them much to explore about the person who was shouting online: The Public must demand Healthy Homes; We have the Raw Materials and we have the Technology.
I believe friendlyville is a generic name that anyone and everyone can use and I pray that it be a spirit that embodies Love unto others or as our tag line reads; Be friendly to yourself and be friendly to others. Of course I have to put the plug in for my modern day prophet: Dr. Leo Buscaglia. Truly Truly Truly this man who was among us and who lived in my times so influenced me in defining my mission sytatement to SHINE LOVE - what a beautiful self-empowering action verb. Thus as the curator of friendlyville dot I encourage everyone to create a friendlyville close to you ... as you want it to be   ...   which reminds me of a poem I wrote: