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 I do like that Shopify is a Canadian Company with the head office located in Ottawa and that they have a large office in Guelph, are investing in Toronto plus they support jobs in Ireland. Called support and now they also creating jobs in Vancouver.

Call me: Mark Mueller in Toronto Canada: 416 769-7700

Initially I liked too that as a Shopify Affiliate I can help build an ecommerce website with Clients or I can build an ecommerce website for Clients giving them the final say as to whether or not to publish the website. Its FREE up until the website is published.

Comparisons for ecommerce platforms are widely available online. After conducting my own comparison for ecommerce hosting platforms Shopify was #1.

Shopify let me down by changing the "game plan" on me - after bringing them what will become a huge product sales relationship they tell me I am not an affiliate yet only to receive a two-time bounty payment. I choose not to support such a company after taking time to converse with them via several email, chats and phone conversations let along the times I encouraged my Client to switch to the more expensive e-commerce platform ... and this was their final answer. One thing I have noticed is that their rates are high and difficult for some small businesses to participate in. The high cost factor was the reason one new Client switched away from Shopify: .I am discovering a new platform that is much less expensive  and just as effective. I will be posting this info soon or as always you can contact me