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Here are some factors that influence domain name valuation and how it relates to this premium domain name for sale.
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Cannabis legalised or legalized for recreational use
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Legalisation & Legalization Of Cannabis In North America

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Possession of Cannabis in the states with this icon could result in incarceration!
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There are other factors that influence a domain name's valuation. Should you have any questions and or want to initiate this purchase please contact me:

* Is it a dot COM Domain Name: No and yet since the goal is to provide information about the new cannabis market opportunities in Canada it has a TDL with very strong relevance. Dot Info was created for information websites.
* Is it a Memorable Domain Name? Yes very memorable
* Is it a GENERIC Domain Name: Yes
* Is it a one-word, two-word or three word domain name: Yes: A two worder yet each of the words are vital to describe that which makes it so precious.
* Do the words of the domain name sound good together: Yes I believe they do yet the Buyer's perception is what counts.
* Is it a unique Domain Name: Yes. While the other tdl versions are taken (.com is parked and te owner of cannabissales.com is offering it for sale for an asking price of 5250 USD).
* Does the domain name have a GLOBAL APPEAL? Yes. Public demand for cannabis is growing worldwide and thus can be considered as universal and SALES is what current information is what is needed.
* Domain name MARKETABILITY potential? We believe it does yet again this is a matter of Buyer perception. Cannabis Sales In Canada is a brand new market.
* Domain name History? Original ownership means that the domain name history of the url is known which this is.

Nov. 20, 2018 Massachusetts is the first state on the ast coast of the USA to have shops that sell recreational marijuana, canabis, pots, weed, etc.. View the NBC.com presentation.

November 2018: 10 States allow for Recreational Cannabis use + 33 states allow for Cannabis for medicinal use.