Welcome to a landing page for Curved Space dot Biz, a web portal to the best handmade bean bag chairs and leader in freeform furniture manufacturing.

 Curved Space bean bags are available in numerous styles and many sizes. The have a large selection of fabrics and material coverings to choose from.

CURVED SPACE: Freeform furnishings

 Custom-made freeform furniture made to specification. Curved Space has close to half a century experience in producing innovative furniture that is most comfortable.

Curved Space can help custom make a sensory room.

Most animals like the comfort of Curved Space furniture. Curved Space can custom make cat and dog beds too.

Showroom located in Pickering, Ontario [the east part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Areas)].

Visit the online presentation of the Curved Space showroom.

Foam Furniture: Foam Chairs + Foam Couches + Floor Mats + Wall Mats

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