I, Mark Mueller, will donate a portion of my earnings from each sales transaction to SafehavenProject For Community Living.

Non Toxic + Non Toxic
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Non Toxic Paint
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Organic Superstores.COM

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MTM Sales. COM


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Mimico .BIZ

The beauty about this premium generic domain name is that ...

  • the first words contained within the domain are: ORGANIC, and ORGANICS +
  • SUPERSTORES connotes-many SKU's (stock keeping units) as well as great value / lower prices.  + Ccontains the singular SUPERSTORE term thus all in one location or all in many locatiobns : Strongly associated with the word SALES.

The beauty about this premium generic domain name is that ...

  • for about a decade this domain served well as the flagship website when serving Cild Care and the Community from the Toronto base. Very memorable
  • has a history of strong page ranking performnace with over 400 one page websites driving the all roads lead to vision, and
  • exudes a positive connotation.

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NON TOXIC BUILDING PRODUCTS dot COM (& 9 More domains)   +   ORGANIC SUPERSTORES dot COM   +    friendlyville dot COM   + MTM SALES dot COM   + CONDOMINIUMS 4 U dot COM   +   MIMICO dot BIZ   + BALMS dot BIZ   +   CANNABIS SALES dot INFO   + TIRE SALES dot INFO

Condominiums 4U. COM

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Cannabis Sales.INFO

Tire Sales.INFO

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Balms .BIZ

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Non Toxic Building Products.COM

A Collection Of Ten Related One-page Websites That Act As A One Website

96% of the funds donated goes directly to the care of the Children with special needs (those who are among the sickest kids in Ontario) and only 4% of the funds goes to the Administration.

I encourage you to please DONATE to this most fabulous Canadian not-for profit registered charity:.