Introductory Entry: January 3rd, 2018.

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There are other factors that influence a domain name's valuation. Should you have any questions and or want to initiate this purchase please contact me:

* Domain name History? Original ownership means that the history of several years is known Until the date of this post it was a single page website promoting goodness and now with the launch of this blog we strive to further add value by creating greater RELEVANCE for this memorable search term that could be developed to serve in many ways.

* Domain name MARKETABILITY potential? We believe it does yet again this is a matter of Buyer perception: donating 90,000 CDN to Safehaven is a good start.

* Does the domain name have a GLOBAL APPEAL? Yes. Love is universal and Disciple can be applicable to most any theological thinking.

* Is it a unique Domain Name: Yes. While the plural version is also for sale (at $8,900 USD with a different domain name seller) the singular can be considered even more unique: Unique as in one of a kind! The one disciple of love.

* Do the words of the domain name sound good together: Yes I believe they do yet the Buyer's perception is what counts.

* Is it a one-word, two-word or three word domain name: Yes: A three worder yet each of the words are vital to describe that which makes it so precious.

* Is it a GENERIC Domain Name: Yes

* Is it a Memorable Domain Name? Yes very memorable

* Is it a dot COM Domain Name: Yes

Here are some factors that influence domain name valuation and how it relates to this premium domain name for sale.

To celebrate this first blog entry lets talk about domain names for sale and in particular what makes a domain name valuable, respecting of course that pricing for domain names is purely subjective. Let's look at how this generic domain name relates in terms of value added aspects of a domain name.

I Love Safehaven